At Enhtech, we offer professional trainings on ITIL Service Management, software engineering / programming languages - Java, PHP, HTML & CSS, Javascript, Python, MySQL Database management, security and Cisco networking technology. We also design and develope enterprise Websites, Desktop Software Application, and Mobile Apps. Our training services are flexible designed to suit your prefered location: Home / Office or Training center. Take advantage of our discount offers on all of our services to stay ahead of competition. Mail us or call: / 08184292724 or 08063633469

Enterprise Web and Mobile App

We Train, Develop, Maintain, and Support Applications built with PHP and Javascript Technology


Networking Technology (CCNA)

Cisco Enterprise Networking Technology is one of the most prestgious and lucrative IT career fields. Upon successful completion of this professional training course, you will acquire expertise on the folowing:

* LAN implementation, planning and design using Cisco Devices
* Configuration of hi-tech Cisco routers and switches to create and manage VLAN, STP and VTP
* Expertise in Access-List and port security configuration to control and secure access on a network
* Skillful in NAT configuration to create WAN connectivity to remote or branch Networks
* Expert in Network administration and IPv4 addressing and Subnetting.
* You will deploy DHCP configuration for local and wide area networks
* You will Understand, Configure and implement routing protocols to manage corporate networks

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