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HTML5 and CSS3 Programming Training (Front-End Engineer)


HTML5 and CSS3 are the next big edge in the world of web based software development. HTML5 has risen to the status of a core markup language in the world wide web owing to a number of new attributes and elements that are pertinent for use in modern websites. HTML5 and CSS3 are the two most popular and rapidly emerging well blended technologies. At Enhtech, we offer superp and perfectly blended HTML5 and CSS training module along side javascript basics. Students will learn the skills necessary to become a Back-End Engineer, Front-End Engineer, or a Full-Stack Engineer.

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Schedule & Cost

Mode of Delivery Location Course Duration Cost Schedule
Instructor-Led Onsite Training (1-on-1) Client's Home / Office 7 Weeks =N= 90,000 As per mutual convenience (4-Hours Evenings & Weekends Possible
Classroom Training Port Harcourt 7 Weeks =N= 85,000 1 March - 20 April 2021,
26 April - 14 June 2021,
21 June - 6 Aug 2021
Lagos 7 Weks =N= 85,000 1 March - 20 April 2021,
26 April - 14 June 2021,
21 June - 6 Aug 2021
Invite-Me-a-Trainer Client's Location 40 Days On Request Base on mutual convenience

Course Composition:

  • Master knowledge of programming
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Introduction to Javascript

HTML5 and CSS3 Course Benefits

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-
  • Learn the structure and markup of HTML
  • Work with CSS3 and build HTML5 applications
  • Learn the components and create styles using CSS3
  • Explore new HTML form features
  • Learn to employ best practices
  • Understand how to design page layouts and employ positioning with CSS3
  • Use best practices in CSS3 when using display commands such as web fonts, transforms and selectors

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Why is Programming Important

Programming Languages are the reasons behind the innovations in information technologies

Programming is important to automate, collect, manage, calculate, analyze processing of data and information accurately.

Programming is important to create software and applications that help computer and mobile users in daily life. Due to all these reasons, It is really important that you learn how to use programming languages in our daily life. Java, PHP, Javascript, Python, C#, C++, Swift, SQL, Ruby, etc programming languages are the reasons behind the innovations in the information technologies. If today we are seeing robots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, bitcoins, the blockchain, IOT(Internet of Things), cloud computing etc, new technology and products in IT industry, then is because of programming languages.

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